How to setup SAMBA for UBUNTU 7.10

Setting up the SAMBA in UBUNTU is relatively easy. SAMBA can be automatically installed when you share a folder. There are extensive documentation on SAMBA setup and configuration, so I will not elaborator any further.

I find WINMIN to be the best GUI to configure SAMBA. Although UBUNTU’s KDE has a SAMBA GUI but there seem to be limitation, such as creating SAMBA group. The SAMBA user list is missing even though they were registered. It would be difficult to edit or delete SAMBA user if they are invisible.

There are 3 rules in SAMBA need to bear in mind:

1. A SAMBA user does not exist automatically, or by chance, when you create a UNIX account. Neither can a SAMBA user exist without an UNIX account. If you are using WINMIN to create user, there is an option in WEBMIN’s SAMBA where the creating of UNIX user using WEBMIN will create a SAMBA user. This does not apply if you use KDE’s Administration, User and Group, to create user.

2. Change of the UNIX user password does not necessary change SAMBA user’s password. By default, after a SAMBA user is created, you need to have a password for it.

3. However, most XP users have problem in writing into the shared folder in UBUNTU even with SAMBA installed. The problem lies in the folder access right. If take a look at the shared folder property, permission tab, “Others” can only access but not READ and WRITE. Another problem is having the shared folder in User’s Home directory. This will often create access problem as Linux user’s directory are often heavily guarded from other user. To avoid that, it is advisable to have the common shared folder in \usr\local\share directory. Use the ROOT to create the shared directory in \usr\local\share and change the owner to someone and have the folder permission, “Others”, change to READ and WRITE.

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